How to upgrade your Membership

How to upgrade your Membership

There are five (5) paid ClubMaster Membership and a free Subscription option.

To access the Member Directories, earn an income from The Affiliates Club or the The Experts Club, read our quick guide on our Membership page.

Select Join Now on your preferred level to join or to upgrade.

How to Sponsor a ClubMaster Club Page

How to Sponsor a ClubMaster Club Page

Sponsors are invited to sponsor as many Club as as they wish (subject to availability) and may select multiple Primary and multiple Specialist Clubs.

For more information on rates, please view Advertising page.

To book your ClubMaster Club Sponsorship, go to Advertising Booking.

Main Menu

1. Advertising

2. Advertising Booking

Advertising Booking Form


1. SKIP ClubMaster Member Number if you are not a current member. To become a member, select Membership.

2. Type in Your First and Last Name.

3. See below


Please login to ClubMaster and access the Advertising Booking Form. 

1. Logged in members – Member Number field will automatically populate.

2. Logged in members – Member Name will automatically populate.

3. Select which Primary Club/s you want to sponsor.

4. Confirm the number you are Sponsoring (this field is required to calculate price)


5. Select the Advertising duration 


6. Select your Specialist Clubs to sponsor


7. Confirm your Specialist Clubs to sponsor


8. Total cost of Sponsor Advertising

9. Enter full name of Sponsor/Advertiser

10. Enter ABN

11. Enter Contact Details & Billing Address


12. Enter Brand to promote


13. Type your story about your Brand.


14. Upload your media file:  jpeg, png.


15. Please READ and Consent to the ClubMaster Advertising Agreement.

16. Enter your Credit Card details

17. Select I’M NOT A ROBOT

18. Select SUBMIT


Thank you for Sponsoring a ClubMaster Club.

We will contact you if we have any issues.

How to become a ClubMaster Affiliate

How to become a ClubMaster Affiliate

The ClubMaster Affiliates Club is only open to Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond ClubMaster Members.

If you have a Subscriber, Global or Ruby membership, please upgrade now to join the ClubMaster Affliates Club and start earning income today!

Visit the Affiliates Club page to see how it works.

On the top Main menu

1. Team ClubMaster

2. Affiliates Club

How to List on ClubMaster Exchange

How to List on ClubMaster Exchange

How to list Products or Services on ClubMaster Exchange (CMX)

Listing Form

Select ‘Listing Form’ from the top menu.

1. ‘Select category’ that best describes your products or services. 

2. ‘Title’ – required field. Description that best describes your products or services.

3. ‘Refered ID’ – optional

4. Listed By’ – required field. Select the Option that best describes you.

5. ‘Method of Sale’ – required field. Select the Option that best describes method of sale.

6. ‘Cash Amount’ – Enter price.

7. ‘Description’ – enter as much information about your product or service to help your buyer.

8. ‘Contact Details’ – required field. Enter your:

Post/Zip Code

9. Select ‘Don’t show the Map’ if you do not want this feature, otherwise scoll down to next section.

10. ‘Upload Image’ – you can upload up to 10 images.

Maximum Image dimensions: 800px x 600px

Maxium Image size: 300kb

NOTE: If your images are deemed inappopriate, the listing will not be approved.

11. ‘Video URL’ – if you have a YouTube or Vimeo video showcasing your products or services, insert the URL link here.

NOTE: If your video is deemed inappopriate, the listing will not be approved.

12. ‘Your Price’ – you can edit this price at anytime.

13. Please select ‘I’m not a robot’. If you do not select this, you will be unable to publish your listing.

14. ‘Save Draft’ – if you are not ready to publish, you can save a draft and complete it late.

15. ‘Place Listing’ – once you have finished you can publish your listing. 


We wish you a successful sale!

How to Login to ClubMaster Exchange

How to Login to ClubMaster Exchange

How to login ClubMaster Exchange (CMX)

You can only enter ClubMaster Exchange (CMX) if you are logged in to ClubMaster.

Your ClubMaster username and password automatically grant you access to ClubMaster Exchange.

After login you will be automatically re-directed to your Member Homepage.

There are TWO (2) ways to visit CMX.

1. Select ‘Visit CMX’


A reminder that the ClubMaster Club doesn’t look like this. We are a virtual club….but one day….post Covid…if we were to have a bricks and mortar club….perhaps we could take some inspiration from here.

You will be re-directed to the ClubMaster Exchange site.


1. Scroll down to view all listings on the Exchange.

2. Search listings – type in a key word eg: Painting

3. Select location – Optional unless you would like to narrow down the location.

4. Select Categoy – Optional unless you would like to narrow down the search criteria.

5. Select Price Range – Optional unless you would like to narrow down the price range search.

6. Search Listings – Required to start search.

How to navigate ClubMaster Exchange (CMX) Menu

1. ‘All Listings’ – this is your CMX member home page. This page will list all current listings and Featured listings will be displayed first.

2. ‘About Us’ – similar to the CMX homepage when your not logged in.

3. ‘All Portfolios’ – when you want a different visual way to view the portfolios.

4. ‘By Portflio’ – a scolling row to display the portfolios…..trying to cater to different viewing styles.

5. ‘New Search’ – you can refine what it is you are looking for.

6. ‘Listing Form’ – list your products or services on the ClubMaster Exchange (CMX)

7. ‘FAQ’ – grab a drink and some snacks and have a read.

8. ‘Fees’ – If you join the Affiliate Club you will be earning more than you spend!

9. ‘Shop’ – Products listed for sale or rental through the ClubMaster Shop.

10. ‘Contact Us’ – we want you to succeed, so let us know how we can help.

11. ‘My account’ – your CMX account dashboard where you can see your orders, account details.

12. ‘ClubMaster’ – click this and your back into the ClubMaster Member Homepage where you can start searching clubs.

All Portfolios

3. ‘All Portfolios’ – Scroll down to the Portfolio you want to search, click on the image or See More button.

By Portfolio

4. ‘By Portfolio’ – Listings are displayed by portfolio in rows. Scroll down to the portfolio you would like to view and use the < > to scroll through the listings.

New Search

5. ‘New Search’ – Enter your search criteria.

Listing Form

6. ‘Listing Form’ – List your products or services on the ClubMaster Exchange.

For more details on how to list

How to Login to ClubMaster Directory

How to Login to ClubMaster Directory

How to Login to ClubMaster

1. Type in in your new browser

2. Select ‘Login’


Your username and password are the ones you used to set up your ClubMaster account. If you have forgotten, please reset password.

3. Type in your USERNAME

4. Type in your PASSWORD

5. Select ‘Login’

Once you have logged in, you will be re-directed to your Membership Level ‘Home’ page.


A reminder that the ClubMaster Club doesn’t look like this. We are a virtual club….but one day….post Covid…if we were to have a bricks and mortar club….perhaps we could take some inspiration from here.

Only YOU can see your Membership Account information.

1. ‘My Profile’ – your personal profile information..

2. ‘Edit My Profile’ – you can update your personal proifle here at any time.

3. My Sponsorhips’ – you will see details of any Club Pages you have sponsored.

4. ‘My Listings’ – any goods or services you have listed on CMX

5. ‘My Membership’ – lists your membership details, change password, account details, invoices


Update re Coronavirus from Liverpool Golf Club

Update re Coronavirus from Liverpool Golf Club

Dear Member,

Update regarding Coronavirus

You will no doubt be aware of the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and the various restrictions that have been put in place to protect the community from the risk of further infection.

This information bulletin is intended to bring you up to date in terms of how the current restrictions and health advice from the federal government, Golf Australia and Golf NSW will affect you as a member of Liverpool Golf Club.

In the first instance, it must be stressed that at this time the governing bodies have no plans to restrict playing arrangements at golf clubs. For the foreseeable future, it will be business as usual and the club and facilities will remain open until such time as we are informed otherwise.

Even though we intend to maintain ongoing operations, there are a number of matters that we should bring to your intention, as some aspects of the services we currently provide will be changing.

Member, guest and staff health advice

Although the volume of traffic through our facility by members and guests is moderate, it is our primary objective to ensure that exposure to COVID-19 infection to members, guests and staff is minimised and our venue is a safe place to congregate.

Therefore, it is vitally important that if a member, guest or staff member tests positive to COVID-19, they must inform the club/facility as soon as possible. If this has occurred, anyone testing positive will be contacted by the State/Territory Department of Health in relation to contact tracing. You should then take advice on ongoing facility operations from your State/Territory Department of Health.

Playing Golf

We strongly encourage members and guests to continuing playing golf as normal. Of course, golfers should exhibit a heightened awareness of personal hygiene (which has been encouraged by state and federal health departments). By its nature, golf promotes a level of social distancing and while it is important that this is adhered to, golf is a lower risk sport than many others.

Clubhouse and Golf Operations

Today, the government announced that all non-essential indoor gatherings of 100 or more would be banned. However, it is important to note that of the time of writing, State and Territory governments across Australia are still working through how this ban will practically be applied. More information is expected over the coming days and we will communicate this to you as soon as practicable.

As we work though these details, we will keep you informed of how this will affect your visits to the club (if at all). At the same time and in keeping with our goal of reducing members, guests and staff exposure to COVID-19, it has been essential to introduce a number of protocols that have been recommended by the Department of Health.

The following protocols will become effective immediately although it should be stressed that they are temporary for the time being and will be reviewed on the advice of the Department of Health at the appropriate time:

· 4 hand sanitising stations have been installed in the clubhouse:

o One in the main entrance foyer on the ground floor

o Two at each entrance to the members lounge from the golf course

o One in the Pro Shop adjacent to the counter

 We encourage members to use these regularly when entering or exiting the club.

· Members are encouraged to avoid cash transactions and use ‘Pay-Wave’ transactions where no physical contact is required

· We will no longer be swiping member cards at the point of sale terminals. Instead, you will be required to inform the staff member of your member number which will then be entered so that you will still be entitled to charge purchases to your account, receive member discounts and earn reward points.

· We will no longer be serving ‘shared’ food platters, for example on Friday night booking in and member draw. This protocol will not apply to pizzas.

· Food service utensils, condiments and sauces will be removed from the counter tops. Instead, these items can be obtained from the staff in each area. Individual sauce satchels will be available in both the Pro Shop and Café.

· We encourage new social distancing norms, such as no hand shaking or close contact.
· Drink trays will be compulsory for drink rounds

· Shoe cleaners, sun creams, hair-brushes, combs, hair gel and hair dryers will be removed from the locker rooms and tees.

· The air compressor will be removed in order to avoid contamination with the handle.

· Motorised carts, push buggy and sand bucket handles will be sanitised before each use.

· We encourage all golfers to wear their putting glove when removing the flag stick and when raking bunkers

· Small pins will be removed from the practice putting and chipping greens


Golf Club Competitions

Golf Australia is not advocating for regular club competitions to cease and they are encouraging that these continue. However, we will continue to monitor Federal and State Government announcements over the coming days that may impact on golf operations.

In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact the undersigned if you require any further information or have any questions regarding the current situation.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Summers

General Manager