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The following are the five paid ClubMaster General Membership options, and the free Subscription option. These exclude ClubMaster Private Memberships.

For newbies to ClubMaster, you’re most welcome to become a Subscriber for free. Subscribers have the opportunity to get a feel for the ClubMaster systems, and to access ClubMaster eXchange as a buyer.

Subscribers don’t have access to the Member Directories, which provide opportunities for Member to Member engagements.

Here’s a quick guide to help decide which level is right for you:


You want to go shopping on ClubMaster eXchange (CMX). Sign Up for Free


You want to connect with other Members and have them connect with you – and go shopping on CMX. Join Now


All the above, and you want access to the detailed Profiles of more Members. Join Now


All the above, but you also want to list things on CMX. Join Now


As for Emerald, and you want to mingle more meaningfully with Sapphire Level Members. Join Now


All the above, but you also need access to the details of ALL ClubMaster General Members. Join Now

The above descriptions are generalised summaries only, and do not fully represent the services provided or the terms and conditions attached thereto. All Memberships and all Member engagements with ClubMaster whether direct, physical, online, or virtual, are subject to the Website Terms of Use, the ClubMaster Member Rules, the relevant Terms of Business, and the relevant Privacy Policy.

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