How to Login to ClubMaster

1. Type in in your new browser

2. Select ‘Login’


Your username and password are the ones you used to set up your ClubMaster account. If you have forgotten, please reset password.

3. Type in your USERNAME

4. Type in your PASSWORD

5. Select ‘Login’

Once you have logged in, you will be re-directed to your Membership Level ‘Home’ page.


A reminder that the ClubMaster Club doesn’t look like this. We are a virtual club….but one day….post Covid…if we were to have a bricks and mortar club….perhaps we could take some inspiration from here.

Only YOU can see your Membership Account information.

1. ‘My Profile’ – your personal profile information..

2. ‘Edit My Profile’ – you can update your personal proifle here at any time.

3. My Sponsorhips’ – you will see details of any Club Pages you have sponsored.

4. ‘My Listings’ – any goods or services you have listed on CMX

5. ‘My Membership’ – lists your membership details, change password, account details, invoices