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Welcome to ClubMaster Club Sponsorship

We are delighted to welcome you as a potential (or returning) ClubMaster Club Sponsor.

The ClubMaster Clubs are comprised of numberous Primary Clubs and their respective Specialist Clubs.

eg: The Sports Club (Primary)

The Football Club (Specialist)

Sponsors are invited to sponsor as many Clubs as they wish (subject to availability), and may select multiple Primary and Multiple Specialist Clubs, or may wish to simply sponsor a single Primary or a single Specialist Club.

If you’re not yet a ClubMaster Member, you’re welcome to review all Membership Options here.

Sponsorship Terms & Rates

Primary Clubs are broad sector Clubs, and are the entry point to all related Specialist Clubs. Specialist Clubs are industry or activity specific Clubs. Where an example of a Primary Club is The Sports Club, an example of a Specialist Club is The Rugby Club.

ClubMaster Club Sponsorship includes a total of three banner placements for Primary Club Sponsors, and four banner placements for Specialised Club Sponsors, currently being:

Primary Club – Public Club Page – One Banner
Primary Club – Subscriber Club Page – One Banner
Primary Club – Member Club Page – One Banner

Specialist Club – Public Club Page – One Banner
Specialist Club – Subscriber Club Page – One Banners
Specialist Club – Member Club Page – Two Banners

These are the rates currently available for sponsoring ClubMaster Club pages on clubmaster.com. Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates are inclusive of GST where applicable, and represent four weeks of consecutive placement on the selected Club pages.

Discounts are applied approximately as follows: 2 Club sponsorship enjoys a 2.5% discount off the 1 Club rate, 3 Clubs 5.0%, 4 Clubs 7.5%, 5 Clubs 10%; and then incrementally increasing by 2% to 10 (and over) Club packages which are discounted by 20% off the 1 week rate; 12 week Sponsorships enjoy a further 2.5% discount off the 4 week sponsorship rates; 26 week Sponsorships enjoy a further 5.0% discount off the 4 week sponsorship rates; and 52 week Sponsorships enjoy a further 7.5% discount off the 4 week sponsorship rates.

Commencement dates will be subject to availability, and existing Sponsors hold first rights to renew at the then current rates. Sponsors booked for pages already taken will be placed on a waiting list in priority order of date received, or may switch their Sponsorship to other ClubMaster Clubs.

The following fees are the media fees for placement of banners on your selected ClubMaster Club pages. As Sponsor, you will be responsible for the artwork, and will asked to provide the file or files in the type and size requested by ClubMaster.

ClubMaster Primary Clubs


Sponsorship represented by Banner Advertising4 Week Sponsorship12 Week Sponsorship26 Week Sponsorshipr52 Week Sponsorship
1 Primary Club$506$1,480$3,124$6,084
2 Primary Clubs$986$2,884$6,088$11,856
3 Primary Clubs$1,442$4,218$8,904$17,340
4 Primary Clubs$1,872$5,476$11,560$22,510
5 Primary Clubs$2,276$6,656$14,054$27,368
6 Primary Clubs$2,672$7,814$16,494$32,124
7 Primary Clubs$3,046$8,910$18,806$36,626
8 Primary Clubs$3,400$9,946$20,994$40,884
9 Primary Clubs$3,734$10,922$23,056$44,900
10 Primary Club$4,048$11,840$24,992$48,672

The Accommodation Club

The Boating Club

The Business Club

The Property Club

The Sports Club

The Visual Arts Club

ClubMaster Specialist Clubs


Sponsorship represented by Banner Advertising4 Week Sponsorship12 Week Sponsorship26 Week Sponsorshipr52 Week Sponsorship
1 Specialist Club$286$836$1,766$3,440
2 Specialist Clubs$558$1,632$3,536$6,710
3 Specialist Clubs$814$2,380$5,026$9,788
4 Specialist Clubs$1,058$3,094$6,534$12,722
5 Specialist Clubs$1,288$3,548$7,954$15,488
6 Specialist Clubs$1,510$4,514$9,324$18,162
7 Specialist Clubs$1,722$5,032$10,630$20,708
8 Specialist Clubs$1,922$5,618$11,868$23,116
9 Specialist Clubs$2,110$6,170$13,032$25,388
10 Specialist Clubs$2,288$6,688$14,128$27,520

(Accommodation Clubs)

The Campervan-Motorhome Club
The Camping Club
The Caravan Club
The Hotels Motels Resorts Club
The Large Groups Club
The Long Term Residential Club
The Short Term Residential Club

(Boating Clubs)

The Charter Boat Club
The Fishing Boat Club
The Houseboat Club
The Motor Cruiser Club
The Superyacht Club
The Yacht Club

(Business Clubs)

The Affiliates Club
The Accounting & Auditing Club
The Banking & Finance Club
The Data & Communications Club
The Energy & Environment Club
The Government Business Club
The Health & Medical Club
The Hospitality & Tourism Club
The Human Resources Club
The Insurance & Underwriting Club
The International Relations Club
The Investment & Trading Club
The Legal & Corporate Club
The Manufacturing & Processing Club
The Media & Marketing Club
The Primary Production Club
The Research & Development Club
The Selling & Support Club
The Transport & Logistics Club

(Property Clubs)

The Commercial Property Club
The Industrial Property Club
The Mixed Use Property Club
The Property Development Club
The Property Maintenance Club
The Residential Property Club
The Rural Club
The Rural-Residential Club
The Specialised Club

(Sports Clubs)

The Archery Club
The Athletics Club
The Aussie Rules Club
The Baseball Club
The Basketball Club
The Cricket Club
The Cycling Club
The Dragon Boat Club
The Equestrian Club
The Football Club
The Futsal Club
The Golf Club
The Gridiron Club
The Ice Hockey Club
The Leagues Club
The Netball Club
The Polo Club
The Rowing Club
The Rugby Club
The Sailing Club
The Skiing Club
The Snowboarding Club
The Surf Club
The Surfing Club
The Swimming Club
The Tennis Club
The Volleyball Club

(Visual Arts Clubs)

The Architecture Club
The Ceramics Club
The Crafts Club
The Drawing Club
The Fashion Design Club
The Filmmaking Club
The Graphic Design Club
The Painting Club
The Photography Club
The Printmaking Club
The Sculpture Club
The Videography Club

Specialist Clubs Booking

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