Sponsors are invited to sponsor as many Club as as they wish (subject to availability) and may select multiple Primary and multiple Specialist Clubs.

For more information on rates, please view Advertising page.

To book your ClubMaster Club Sponsorship, go to Advertising Booking.

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1. Advertising

2. Advertising Booking

Advertising Booking Form


1. SKIP ClubMaster Member Number if you are not a current member. To become a member, select Membership.

2. Type in Your First and Last Name.

3. See below


Please login to ClubMaster and access the Advertising Booking Form. 

1. Logged in members – Member Number field will automatically populate.

2. Logged in members – Member Name will automatically populate.

3. Select which Primary Club/s you want to sponsor.

4. Confirm the number you are Sponsoring (this field is required to calculate price)


5. Select the Advertising duration 


6. Select your Specialist Clubs to sponsor


7. Confirm your Specialist Clubs to sponsor


8. Total cost of Sponsor Advertising

9. Enter full name of Sponsor/Advertiser

10. Enter ABN

11. Enter Contact Details & Billing Address


12. Enter Brand to promote


13. Type your story about your Brand.


14. Upload your media file:  jpeg, png.


15. Please READ and Consent to the ClubMaster Advertising Agreement.

16. Enter your Credit Card details

17. Select I’M NOT A ROBOT

18. Select SUBMIT


Thank you for Sponsoring a ClubMaster Club.

We will contact you if we have any issues.