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Current Fees & Charges

Last Updated 1st June 2020

ClubMaster Membership Fees

Most ClubMaster Membership levels incur a Joining Fee and a Monthly Fee.  The Membership you choose should relate to the benefits you’re seeking from your association with ClubMaster. CMX is only one element of the value of ClubMaster Membership. You’re welcome to review all Membership Options here.

Membership to the The Exchange Club and access to CMX is open to Emerald Members and higher.

The Current relevant CM Membership Fees are (including GST):

Membership LevelJoining Fee $AMonthly Fee $A
Subscriber - Join$0.00$0.00
Global Member - Join$27.50$5.50
Ruby Member - Join$49.50$11.00
Emerald Member - Join$99.00$27.50
Sapphire Member - Join$275.00$49.50
Diamond Member - Join$495.00$99.00
CMX Listing Fees

General Listing Fees are for a maximum 90 day exposure on the website. Listings may be renewed manually or automatically. Fees include GST.

CategoryListing Fee $A - Limits ApplyProceed to Listing
Community & Charity$0.00List Now
Education & Training$0.00List Now
Employment & Services$0.00List Now
Health & Medical$0.00List Now
Philosophy & Policy$0.00List Now
Retail & Household$0.00List Now
Sports & Recreation$0.00List Now
Art, Artifacts & Collectibles $11.00List Now
Entertainment & Gaming$11.00List Now
Events & Venues$11.00List Now
Hospitality & Tourism$11.00List Now
Media & Marketing$11.00List Now
Primary Industry$11.00List Now
Science & Innovation$11.00List Now
Travel & Accommodation$11.00List Now
Automotive$22.00List Now
Banking & Finance$22.00List Now
Building & Construction$22.00List Now
Business & General Industry$22.00List Now
Data & Communications$22.00List Now
Energy & Environment$22.00List Now
Insurance & Superannuation$22.00List Now
Investment & Trading$22.00List Now
Residential Real Estate$33.00List Now
Rural Residential Real Estate$33.00List Now
Commercial Real Estate$55.00List Now
Industrial Real Estate$55.00List Now
Rural Real Estate$77.00List Now
Specialised Real Estate$88.00List Now
Transport & Logistics$88.00List Now
Defence & Security$132.00List Now
Development & Infrastructure$132.00List Now
Premium Listing$22.00

Premium Listing is an additional fee which guarantees at least 30 days priority exposure on searches.

No refunds are provided, in part or whole, if Listings are cancelled or otherwise removed for any reason whatsoever (including but not limited to removal by CMX under the CMX Terms of Business), or the item is sold. To be clear, the Listing Fee is payable whether the Listing is online for one day or one year.

All Fees are subject to the CMX Terms of Business.

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