Have you felt that youʼve won, ʻthough youʼre going to die;
Have you seen all the joys and the tears and the sighs;
Have you known of the heartbreak, the winning, the prize
Which helps you to lose, when the next time you try?

Will your mind ever wander to eternal flames;
Will your heart systematically know whoʼs to blame;
Will your feet ever find the way back in the rain,
Or is walking the easy way out of it….

Did the Christ someone knew really save him from hell,
And has anyone told all the stories to tell;
Is our life just for living, or dying as well,
And does anyone know all the answers?

Donʼt ever pretend that youʼre not still a child,
Donʼt ever divulge all your secrets, run wild;
Donʼt ever enjoy what you feel you beguile –
Stay close to the mind youʼre forgetting.


September 1976 (as amended)
© Michael G Reid 1976-2011