And once as children, sailing on a smile
A day or lifetime, freedom sanctified
And still untouched; a herald sang of you
Our precious charm, our lifeʼs alluring bride.

And then as beauty, softly from a cloud
A wide-eyed dove, evolved from life to love
From love to lady, feeling for a dream
With dulcet eyes, a fresh pellucid stream.

And now as laughter, shadows in the sun,
Once-false-lit depths ascending to the sky
And evil-scented words now primrose buds,
Our hell to earth, our love to greater love.

And still as sweetness, snowflakes upon sorrow:
The light on fears, the smile on naked minds
The kiss upon our tears; you seek within
Your warmth unquestioned, flowerʼd seasonʼs kin.

In sweet time, we wander now as one
Through gentle meadows, waters freshly sung
And left uncoloured, morning seerʼs delight,
The prophetʼs doom, a silence mellowing and bright.

One morning, year, one ceaseless age
As time stands painlessly beside
Your smile unspoiled, unmeasured, pouring free,
With love unto tomorrowʼs child.


January 1979 (as amended)
© Michael G Reid 1979-2011