Elaine Iris Reid nee Walls
For you we’ve dressed these outdoor halls
The last day in your seventies
So we expect some revelry
Nay, we expect some devilry

Some of you may be unaware
But she’s run wild in her underwear
She was in Sydney in the sixties
Though Vaucluse was a bit less risky
Her beauty oft turned man to fool
So many of our mates would drool
She was The Milf at Grammar school

She’s always had a generous soul
She’d gift the shirt right off her back
But please decline the offer whole
Or that would expose her generous rack

We love Elaine she’s our mother
We’re all here except our brother
Love from Pete he was a cracker
Always in strife since a little tacker
This is Rick the younger twinny
Big of heart and not so skinny
Then there’s John the oldest brother
Once so wild but soon grandfather
My name’s Mick yes I’m the baby
Spoilt since birth, still misbehaving

We love Mum ’cause to her we’re perfect
We don’t have to try we don’t have to work it
To her we’re amazing, make no mistake
Our wives got such a lucky break

Life has thrown Mum ups and downs
She’s popped her share of medication
Yet she always showed a love profound
Family and friends her dedication

So here we are to celebrate
With sparkling wine and chocolate cake
A tribute to a spirit free
With yet another cup of tea.

Mum, we love you and we thank you
For all you’ve done and all you’ve been.


5 December 2015
© Michael G Reid 2015