Sweet Time it motions trees to grow,
And Time allows the river-flow;
Strict Time it beckons day to night
And lets time-wearied seasons fight.

Fresh Time purveys a cloudless sun
As children to their futures run;
Fair Time draws age-old leaves to dust,
And feeds to life the savage crust.

Deft Time it breeds a knowledge through
And amputates the seedless few,
And Time paternal, ever firm
Assigns to life a balanced term.

Old Time the craftsman builds anew
And germinates a life’s debut;
And Time denotes a tenancy
Till payment due, a painless fee.

Yet Time uncoupled, tearless heart
Denies two lovers torn apart,
When time for life is bred so young
And time for love untimely sung.

Then Time the warden stand aside,
Embrace two hearts with humble pride;
Eternal space bleeds not the dove –
Poor time divorced by timeless Love.


May 1977 (as amended)
© Michael G Reid 1977-2011