innovative zero emissions energy technology
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Efficient, clean, renewable power for all.

innovative zero emissions energy technology

We harness atomic energy without radiation or emissions.
Distributed power generation.
Efficient, clean, local, renewable power generation units.
Delivering for energy what aircraft did for transportation.
We’re nearly there. Consider the possibilities.

Clean Renewable Energy

Jacobs Thermal System

Our core intellectual property is the Jacobs Thermal System (JTS) which uses the “Jacobs Electro-Thermolysis Cell” (JET Cell) to convert energy locked in the atom into usable heat, without emissions or radiation.

This technology will significantly increase energy availability and will replace harmful sources such as fossil fuels and nuclear fission.

In short, the amount of energy it produces is more than the amount of energy required to sustain the process, thus resulting in a net gain.

What does JTS actually produce

  • Low level heat, being heat below 100∘C; and
  • Medium level heat, being heat between 100∘C and 400∘C

The first Gamikon product will be applicable to 100% of the low level heat market, and a significant proportion of the medium level heat market.

We anticipate that further R&D will result in the JTS meeting all levels of commercial heat production.

The JTS brings energy certainty 365/24/7.
The JTS never sleeps…..

Energy to electricity

ThOR Cycle based Heat Engine

The Thermally Optimised Recovery Cycle based Heat Engine (ThOR Engine) is a highly efficient steam engine. Depending on specific design aspects, it will have an efficiency of between 50% and 84%.

ThOR technology is based around a low pressure, low temperature turbine. Exhaust heat from the turbine is recovered and returned, resulting in large efficiency gains and, due to operating at lower pressures, ThOR systems are much safer.


Gamikon is poised to disrupt legacy energy systems and permanently alter energy accessibility.

“you must finish the JTS. If you commercialise this, it will change EVERYTHING….”

Robert Frith
Adjunct Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
University of Queensland

Applications of the Gamikon Energy System

  • Retro-fit to existing power stations
  • Small new localised power stations
  • Home and business power systems
  • Vehicles – land, sea, air
  • Direct driven pumps

Consider the Opportunity

This is one of the most disruptive technologies available for investors today. It is well advanced, meaning the technical risk is now greatly reduced after eight years’ constant research and development. Gamikon now holds registered patents, with many others pending. Our target market is almost incalculable in its size and scope, as is its potential to bring about extraordinary positive change to billions of people. Please join us for this key phase of our renewable energy journey, as we move towards commercialisation.

Michael Reid
Chairman and CEO

Approved Patents

Patents have now been approved for our Electrolysis Apparatus (JTS) in China, New Zealand, South Africa, and Singapore.


Patents being assessed

Patents for the JTS are being assessed for granting in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Eurasia, Europe, India, Japan, and the United States.

Potential Markets

We are investigating potential markets for licencing the JTS technology on the strength of these patents, and propose to generate revenues in the form of licence fees and royalties as our first form of commercialisation.

Protect IP

In addition, we will undertake further refinements to and protection of the JTS intellectual property and other IP, and will consider a range of options to monetise these, from licencing to manufacturing of these technologies.

Is this a worthy investment?

  • Global heat market of over $US2.5T per annum.
  • Total global energy consumption of over $US9.0T per annum
  • Substantial projected capital gains.
  • A highly motivated, committed and talented team.
  • Advanced stage of R&D on core technology.
  • Patents for JTS already registered in key countries.
  • And perhaps most importantly……


Minimum Investment:  $50,000

Maximum Investment:  $5,000,000

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