Purifier ~ Cooker ~ Heater

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Everyone deserves access to clean drinking water!

3 Systems – 1 unit

Heat Water

Generate clean drinking water

While you cook

The AquaBlaze

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The AquaBlaze Saves LIVES

  • Easily assembled in a couple of minutes.
  • 316 stainless steel and high-density food grade polyethylene.
  • 36 cm diameter cooking facility.
  • Height adjustment for a range of cooking solutions.
  • Grilling, stewing, steaming, baking or roasting.
  • Furnace door and adjustment tool.
  • Convenient tap for hot water.
  • Fully collapsible base legs.
  • Assembled 36 cm diameter x 75 cm height – including hood.
  • Packed 36 cm diameter x 62 cm height – including hood.
  • Weight 12 kg excluding carry bag.

Disaster Relief

Natural disasters, and some man-made disasters produce a unique set of crises which require unique solutions

Water-Poor Communities

The AquaBlaze is ideally suited for remote communities who have limited access to safe, potable water, and who have reasonable access to biomass for cooking

Service Interruption

Whether you live in a remote community or in a modern city, you will at some time experience loss of services.

Camping Solutions

The AquaBlaze delivers enough hot water in an hour to shower a large family and wash up from dinner..after cooking.

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