Primary Club Sponsorship


ClubMaster Primary Clubs are broad sector Clubs, and are the entry point to all related Specialist Clubs. Specialist Clubs are industry or activity specific Clubs. Where an example of a Primary Club is The Sports Club, an example of a Specialist Club is The Rugby Club.

You're here having selected Primary Clubs for sponsorship, for which we sincerely thank you. ClubMaster Primary Club sponsorship entitles you to three banner placements, currently being:

Public Club Page - One Banner
Subscriber Club Page - One Banner
Member Club Page - One Banner

There are currently three ClubMaster Primary Clubs which accept sponsorship, and these are:

The Affiliates Club
The Sports Club
The Visual Arts Club

Please make your selections and proceed to payment, noting the specific Clubs you wish to sponsor. If you're sponsoring more than one Primary Club, we offer a further discount. Please enter the Discount Code which relates to the number of Primary Clubs you're sponsoring. The Discount Code to sponsor two Clubs is SPONDISC-2, for three Clubs use SPONDISC-3 etc.. If you are sponsoring 10 Clubs or more, please use SPONDISC-10+ irrespective of the number of Clubs. Sponsors of 10 or more Primary Clubsreceive a 20% discount off the 1 Club rate for the selected sponsorship term.

We'll be in touch to confirm your booking details, commencement date, and to arrange receipt from you of the advertising in our required size and format.

We look forward to working with you.